Today in the city Rangely 23.04.2018
Keyport Expands Range, Launches New Anywhere Tools

Keyport --maker of the innovative Pivot and Slide key and tool organizers-- has a Kickstarter out for Keyport Anywhere Tools that adds new modules and the all-new Anywhere Pocket Clip.

Trump wrongly claims North Korea has agreed to 'denuclearization'

President Donald Trump tweeted about North Korean denuclearization on Sunday morning, but his claims weren't entirely factual. The US, South Korea, and North Korea are gearing up for peace talks, whic...

Costco employees explain why they don't buy produce there

Costco products are famous for being bulk-sized and cost-effective. Business Insider reached out to Costco employees to find out what items they would never buy at the store. Most workers cited the ch...

These strange $400 headphones with a hybrid design have ruined normal headphones for me

There's a huge variety of headphones out there, so any company coming into this saturated market should really have something "different" if they want to stand out. Indeed, nascent audio company Nura...

There could be big consequences for Google if YouTube can't get its act together for advertisers (GOOG, GOOGL)

  Despite all of YouTube's popularity, and no matter how much ad money it stuffed into Google's coffers during the past quarter, the site's future is cloudier than ever. Late Thursday night, CNN...

Spectacular View Of Submarines Firing Missiles.

The first practical design of a submarine-based launch platform was developed by the Germans near the end of World War II involving a launch tube which contained a V-2 ballistic missile variant and wa...

Pyrosome Population Growing Again off of Oregon Coast

The invasion of the pyrosomes, gelatinous, translucent tube-like creatures ranging in size from less than an inch to a foot or more, continues in force off the coast of Oregon for a second year, baffl...

Has Q Acoustics made its Elac killers? - CNET

Q Acoustics has announced its 3000i range of speakers with a raft of improvements, which promise to bother budget brands such as Elac and Polk.

North Korea Suspends Nuclear, Long-Range Missile Tests

Pyongyang said it has suspended the tests effective Saturday and plans to close its nuclear test site.

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